Monday, July 6, 2015

Style with Black Widow (The Avengers)

With the whole gender equality issue lately , it seems that women are finally being allowed to "officially" be part of the Superhero Pack - we are slowly creeping up to the frontline instead of hiding in the shadows while the men heroes get all the credit for the villans we help bring down.

Here are some Awesome Black Widow Swag , that Black Widow Fans can get their hands on to help celebrate that Women can be Superheroes too.

#Hot Topic has released an Avengers Inspired Fashion Line - where you can purchase the above Black Widow Inspired Outifits  -


# At the moment , I have been obsessed with collecting Pop Funko Figures and check out this cute Black Widow Pop Funko -

wlf bw shirts

#WeloveFine Clothing has an awesome range of Black Widow T-Shirts @
bw shirts

#Her Universe offers Plus-Size clothing for Fans of Black Widow and The Avengers.


# You can never have enough Pillows with this Avengers Assemble Pillow.

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