Sunday, July 12, 2015

Celebrity Inspiration and How it Affects You.

This Week's #NZ Bloggers Blog Greatness Challenge was the words "Celebrity Inspiration". 

I had a couple of Ideas for this , the first was I was going to try and make a celebrity inspired set on Polyvore but that was a fail as it's a site that I need a little more practice on first before actually "officially" creating something to show the world.  Then It got me thinking staring at the word Celebrity Inspiraton and realised that without celebrity inspiration, most of us would be nothing and we would cease to exist in a matter of speaking . Our lives are often dictated by Celebrity Inspiration - what she wore, what make-up she uses, what diet a certain celebrity does and how it worked wonders for her - so it should for us. In a world that is becoming more social media orientated and as the web grows , we become more and more exposed to "celebrities" and on a deeper level the "celebrity inspiration" truck. 

Growing up, I have always liked pretty things but have never been one for make-up as I wasn't allowed to wear it in my house as my Dad didn't allow it and the same goes for the Short skirts , revealing clothing etc. I had a pretty strict father, when I turned 18 though - I experiemented a little in clothing but found myself I wasn't comfortable in that and I didn't appreciate my body the way I think we should. My sister on the other hand, did the opposite and now she wears make-up everyday, wears somewhat revealing clothing or clothing that I would be like I couldn't wear, even though she is a bit bigger than me.

For Me, Certain Celebrities Inspired Me in different ways : 

Audrey Hepburn - I loved her movies, her witty humour and the way she always dressed so elegantly. 

Julia Stiles - I loved her character in Ten Things I Hate About You , the misunderstood writer girl who seemed to be a rebel at the same time. When her character wanted to go to Sarah Lawerence - it became my dream college choice and I often wondered if I ever lived in the States - that's where I would go to college.

Spencer Hastings aka
Troian Bellisario - From the show Pretty Little Liars , Spencer Hastings has a dress style that I love , it's the whole preppy girl look which ever since watching the movie "Clueless" when I was younger I always wanted and now my dress style sits somewhere between Preppy and Casual.

Aria Montgomery aka Lucy Hale - She is also from the show Pretty Little Liars and I love her outfits as she dresses like I would "Love" to if I was a bit more comfortable in my body shape and extroverted.

Michelle Tracthenberg aka Harriet The Spy - Ever since I watched the movie Harriet The Spy, I wanted to be a journalist as I loved writing - this helped pave the way to a someday career for me.

Celebrities inspire us all in different ways, whether it be the outfit you just chose , the make-up brand that you are wearing because Scarlet Johansen wore it , the music we listen to because you love the colours that Katy Perry dyes her hair. 
No matter what inspires you, we all have celebrities to thank for it and sometimes I do wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing ? 

Which Celebrity Inspires you and How does it Affect Your Life ?


Laura Lock // Laura Laura Blog said...

I love Aria's style too! She is probably my favourite and the one I relate to the most fashion/style wise. A little edgy and cute. I would love to steal her wardrobe (but in my size of course haha)

Meagan Kerr said...

I love Aria's style as well! I haven't watched a lot of PLL, will have to add it to my watchlist. Fashionwise I'm inspired by AHS Coven at the moment (loving the black on black), especially Misty Day - the layering in her outfits is so well done.

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