Sunday, June 7, 2015

Team Switzerland aka Staying Neutral

Today's word for the #NZBlogger's Blog Greatness challenge is "Neutral".

Coming up with a topic post around the word "Neutral" had my brain trying to weed out ideas , at first I thought about the whole Gender Neutral theme going on at the moment with the Avengers being switched genders and buying gender neutral clothing for girls and boys , not going Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys. 
Then I thought a little closer to home and where my passion lies and I came up with the titled post of "Team Switzerland" aka Staying Neutral.

I first heard the word Team Switzerland when Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was released into a movie, several years after the books release.  Everyone was like which Team are you on - Vampires or Werewovles ? Are you a Edward fan or a Jacob fan ? Do you prefer the Cullens or the Blacks ? . Me personally, I liked Vampires over Werewolves but I didn't have a complete favourite and therefore the phrase "Team Switzerland" was coined as apparently Switzerland is known as a neutral country.


I now often apply the "Team Switzerland" to a few of my things that come up daily instead of picking just one as often it is difficult especially if you actually like more than two things in a show or a book.  It also can be seen as a safe word ,like my stand and viewpoints on Fifty Shades of Grey - instead of now saying I am calling the Amendment of Freedom of Speech , you can say I stand for Team Switzerland, which simply means you are taking a "Neutral" stand on the current issues.

Question For Readers:

Are you Team Vampire /Werewolf or Team Switzerland ?




Meagan Kerr said...

I've got to say, I'm a bit torn and love both sides, so I'm going for the neutral Team Switzerland!

Sarah said...

Haha I'm not Team Switzerland when it comes to Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey at all! Vampires over Warewolves but I'm certainly Team Jacob. Nice interpretation of 'neutral'.

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