Friday, June 5, 2015

Rest Your Heads with Jelly Belly Scented Pillows

Are you a fan of the company Jelly Belly ? Are you slightly obsessed with their JellyBeans like I am ?
When I was travelling over in America in December 2013 , one of my sweet highlights was the candy over there and in particular the assortment of Jelly Belly Beans one could buy. When I was in New York , we went to the FAO Schwarz Toy Shop in Times Square and inside was a sweet shop which sold boxes of Jelly Bellys and different flavours that I had yet to experience as we could not purchase them in New Zealand.
Reading through my Facebook feed the other day, I spotted an article from The Nerdist site and I thought OMG I have to share it with my readers at NZGeekChic.

Ready for it ...............

Jelly Belly has brought out Pillows and these aren't just any ordinary pillow , in fact they are scented with the Jelly Belly flavours. 
I am in two minds personally about this as really, would you want to go to sleep with a Jelly Belly pilow so close to your nose or would it keep you awake with the smell ?
Would you find it soothing or are you like me and think that it would be fun to have one but the smell over time would get to you and really annoy the heck out of you ?

Have your say here and let me know if you would purchase your own Jelly Belly Pillow and if so what flavour would you choose ?


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