Friday, June 26, 2015

Hand-blown Glass Sculptures Life-Like Animals

Featured Image for These hand-blown glass sculptures are so life-like, you’d think they’re real animals

Oregon-based artist Scott Bisson has basically spent his entire life mastering the art of glass blowing, and by the looks of his lifelike animal sculptures, he’s mastered it pretty well. Using his fascination with nature, he manipulates glass to mimic the intricate shapes and textures of different animals.

At first glance you’d think these are real creatures from the wild despite being made of glass. It’s the octopus, frog, or snake you’ve always wanted for your home, minus the slime and scales.

Bisson’s obsession with his craft began in high school chemistry, when he was able to bend a glass tubing over a flame. Since then, Bisson’s undergone schooling under five different mentors, moulding him into the expert he is today. Check out more of his works here.
Via Bored Panda

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