Friday, June 5, 2015

Cooking with Nessie

We have all heard of the Loch Ness Monster aka Nessie , who lives in a lake in Ireland . The one that every so many years somebody says they have proof that she exists, well now she can exist in your very own kitchen .

Amazon which is your American One-Stop Online Shop brings to you a Nessie Ladle . This is perfect for those cold wintery days , when you want to be serving up a bowl of nice hot soup or dishing up a yummy Irish Stew. 

The awesome thing is that this Loch "Nessie" Ness Monster Ladle comes standing upright and when you pop it into your pot of stew , it looks like it is swimming around in a lake of soup. 

The Nessie Ladle is avaliable for Purchase on Amazon @ for $21.90.




Meagan Kerr said...

This is so cute - when my current ladle packs it in (which might not be far off), I think I need Nessie!

Wellington Chic said...

If there was every a utensil to get me excited about cooking soup, this would totally be it, its super cute to see this poking out of your pot :-)

Wellington Chic x

Genie said...

So cute! Love how it takes up so little bench space.

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