Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Little Piece of Me : My Favourite Part of New Zealand


Today's #NZBlogger's Blog Greatness Challenge is "Favourite part of New Zealand".

Growing up , we always moved around and slowly up the North Island - never in one place long enough to love it and make friends, that was until I reached my Teens and we moved to Tauranga. My favourite part though of New Zealand, will always be the place I was born and the one place where I always feel right at home and that place is :

Top Five Things I love to do in Wellington :

One of my favourite childhood things to do was me and my mum used to hop on the Cable Car and ride up to the Botanical Gardens and walk around the beautiful displays of flowers and the whole atmosphere.

As a museum lover, whenever I am down in Wellington I always make sure that I attend Te Papa Museum . I actually remember going to visit Te Papa , the week it was completed on a school trip as at that stage we were living in Masterton.

The Best place to sit and have lunch, dinner or just relax during the summer and sit back and enjoy the view is the Wellington City Waterfront - just round the corner from Te Papa and within walking distance from the Train Station.

As all Wellingtonians know , the only way to really travel out of Wellington is by train and whenever I am down, I always make sure to catch the train to Upper Hutt or Waiarapa to visit friends and family - also the bus terminal is on the other side of the train station.

My last favourite place in Wellington , that I always try and visit at least once while I am down there is this cute kitschy bookshop called Bookmark on Willis Street. It is one of those blink and miss bookshops as you walk past an arcade and you have to go down the escalator to get to the shop, this is where one year I managed to find a copy of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

Question for Readers:

What is your favourite part of New Zealand ?




Sarah said...

I love Wellington so much but I'm probably biased as it's my home city! You've definitely nailed the things to do here :)

Wellington Chic said...

We do have some truly great features here in Wellington :-)

Love that place to sit on the waterfront too.

Its been soooo long since Ive been on our Cable Car though, must be due another trip!


Meagan Kerr said...

I used to travel to Wellington quite a lot for work and I love it there! Such a great city to explore

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