Sunday, May 24, 2015

What It is Like to Be a Blogger From Below ?

Today's #BlogGreatness Challenge Keyword is "From Below".
 I have decided to incorporate this into:

"What it is like to Be a Blogger From New Zealand " ?

When I first started blogging and doing Freelance Writing online , I was writing for a couple of New Zealand sites but over time, they started to die off as they had a lack of contributors or weren't getting the high numbers.  During this time , I decided to branch out and try my hand at writing for a few overseas sites and as I got more and more familiar with writing and a bigger profile and niche. I discovered that I was becoming more famous in overseas circles than I am in New Zealand.  
Being a Blogger in New Zealand is quite a difficult task I find, especially in the world of Books which is what I blog mainly about on The Phantom Paragrapher @ as unlike the States and even the UK we have a lack of author and book events seeing as New Zealand is such a tiny part of the world , we are like the "From Below" parts of the world that everyone seems to forget about.  I see on Facebook , all my friends posts about heading to the BEA's or ThrillerFest or even just recently the RT's and I sit back and dream and say one day , one day. The same goes for publishing jobs , I subscribe to GalleyCat which has all the overseas especially the States jobs in the publishing industry that are advertised and I think if only I lived over there , I would be in the job of a lifetime - the publishing business.  Then other days, I get a bit excited as I think here I am in little New Zealand and am a blogger who is being recognised as being one of the world's 5th Best Librarian Run Book Blog in the world - and the other Four being from the States.  
I recently was appointed as Lifestyle Editor for Paper Droids which is a Geek Culture Magazine online , but people it isn't based in New Zealand - it is based in Canada which now has me writing articles with a Canadian/ US twist, recently I wrote an article about Spring coming which felt odd as it's only our Autumn in New Zealand and in the article I wanted to talk about Woollen Jerseys, but as I discovered trying to explain myself - a Woollen Jersey in Canada is called a Sweatshirt/ Jumper - a Jersey to them represents what the Hockey Players wear.
I was recently sent an email from an American site wanting Blog Influencers for great brands and I was like YAY , until I read further and it was like "FOR US ADDRESSES ONLY" and I was like NOOOOOOO.  
Some people decide to ship to NZ like Nerd Block who I recieved one of their subscription boxes to do an Unboxing Video for , but more often than not - the cost of shipping to NZ can be atrocious that they only prefer to stay within the States Borderlines. 

My Question to Bloggers and Readers out there :

How do you promote yourself within New Zealand ? How do you reach your Inner Crowd rather than Overseas Audiences ?


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