Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Perfect Geek Chic Suitcase


Are you a frequent traveller? Sick of having to wait forever at the airport terminal and have often found yourself saying “That’s my suitcase, oh – no it’s not”, all because you have the same colour suitcase as everybody else? Do you like to be different and travel in geek chic style?

Now you can, with these awesome Monster inspired suitcases. Known as “Monster Boxes” , these creative suitcases have been created by Fine Line Workshop in Lehighton, Pennsylvania who specialise in fantasy themed embroidered leather products, from LARP and Renaissance Faire to steampunk and cosplay.

Each box is individually crafted and handmade from real leather that is then sculpted over a wooden based. There’s no automated machinery is used or mass production techniques at play.


Sizes ranges from just 3 inches to 3 feet although custom sizes as also available – so you can have one created as big as your current suitcase if you need to. Or you can opt for a smaller monster (with equally as sharp teeth) to keep your jewellery and precious items safe from thieving hands or nosy people.

Thinking back to the trip I did in the States a couple of years ago, the airlines lost my luggage and trying to describe a purple suitcase when there are hundreds was difficult but I am thinking I would have retrieved my luggage back faster if I had one of these monster suitcases as it definitely stands out in the world of “ordinary suitcases”.


If you are wanting something funky this year for your travels or have a friend’s birthday coming up, then why not purchase them their very own monster suitcase box today.

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