Thursday, May 7, 2015

On Being Sage

With the NZ Geek Chic Blog, I have decided to take part in what is a yearly excercise called #NZBloggers Greatness Challenge , where each week you have a different word in which you can create a single post about and this week's was the word "Sage" .

Now the word "Sage" can be translated into a few things . It could be the herb "Sage" that is often used to give us flavour in cooking - one of my favourite hot chicken stuffings is in fact the Sage and Onion or it can mean someone who is profoundly wise.
For me as I am not much of a cooker, I prefer the latter as I am the type of geek chic who loves quotes.

When I was younger from the age of 11 right up to about 18 , I used to buy pretty notebooks from stationary shops or craft/ The Warehouse and I would sit there with my gel pens , stickers etc and scour the library books and internet and of course who can forget the Dolly, Girlfriend and Creme Magazines for beautiful quotes and I would transcribe all nice and pretty in my notebooks.
A couple of years ago , I suffered a major loss when my mother died and I lost myself - I found myself drifting from day to day as you feel empty and lost when the one person who has played a major part in your day to day life and someone you would talk to numerous times a day isn't there anymore.
I recently did a sibling camp for Parent 2 Parent which is an organisation that works with families with children with disabilities and the sibling camps are for those non-disabled children to get the attention focused on them for a change as we are the ones that are often left behind or neglected as they believe oh, they can look after themselves - they are alright since we are not egging our parents on for attention all the time and we are the less demanding. 
For doing the camp , I got a $50 Warehouse Voucher and I decided that it was time to re-find myself and I was feeling inspired so I went out and brought a few posters for my wall. Two were DC Comics Characters as I am a closet DC lover - well not too Closet for those that know me since I can often be found sporting some sort of superhero apparel. The third poster I brought was one fillled with inspirational quotes which I stuck on the wall facing my bed , so that every night I can stare at my wall before I go to bed and fill my head with positive quotes and in turn begin the process of what I like to call "Being SAGE" .

One of my all-time favourite quotations/poems which has often been contributed to Audrey Hepburn - though she was not the original writer is as follows:


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