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NZGeekChic's Top Ten Passions In Life

Today's #NZBloggers - BlogGreatness challenge word for the week is "Passion in Life".
 #NZBloggers blog post inspiration challenge 2015/2016 – #BlogGreatness
In 2015 #brunchclub and #NZBloggers came together to create #BlogGreatness; a weekly prompt or suggestion to blog about – no matter your blogging genre.

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I decided that my way this week to interpret what the words "Passion in Life" means to me @ NZGeekChic was to talk and share with you my Top Ten List of Passions in Life.

Top Ten Passions in Life:
  1. Pretty Little Liars : I am slightly obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars Fandom filled with owning not only the whole four seasons to date on DVD , I have read all the books and now I am also reading the Kindle Worlds Fan Fiction books and belong to a Facebook group celebrating PLL and have the cast on my Snapchat.

    2. Books - This is my addiction, as is drugs and alcohol or gambling for others - mine is books. I have far too many to read , yet I purchase more new ones when they are released with the mindset of I'll read it but never get to it.  What's worse for me though is that damn Amazon One-Click that makes it so easy to go "click and you have brought the book". I guess in saying this though, in one way it is good that I am a naturally fast reader. Due to this one - I run a book review blog called The Phantom Paragrapher @ The Phantom Paragrapher

    3. Book Covers -  Another one thing that I am slightly obsessed with is Book Covers, there are some beautiful and amazing ones out there and my wall is covered in posters and pictures. I do have a plan one day - to do a collage of some of the beautiful covers I have collected over the years. Sometimes though loving covers can be a burden as it makes you a judge by the cover book person and you buy a book because of the cover and you get caught out as it's a boring book - this has happened to me on the odd occasion.

    4. Tshirts - You know how they often say girls can never have too many shoes or bottles of perfume. Well , for me it's Tshirts and not just boring old plain tshirts but ones with Statements and Pictures - mainly of Superheros, Twilight , TV/Movie Related, Merchandise from Concerts or places I have visited e.g currently I am wearing a Broadway New York Tshirt from my trip there in December 2013. Below is one of the many T-shirts in my collection that mixes Twilight with Jane Eyre.

    5. Superheroes - I am mainly a DC Comic Superhero type girl but I do like my Marvel ones as well - in fact to sum me up I am a Superhero obsessed girl from my Tshirts to my Shoes and even posters on my wall and a range of goodies which will bring you to my next Passion. I actually have the below poster on my wall.

    6. Subscription Boxes - One of my fandoms and passions at the moment are recieving the mystery Subscription boxes I am obsessed with these and subscribe to Lootcrate, GeekFuel, NerdBlock, HorrorBlock and OwlCrate and today a Female Geek Box called FanMail.

    One of the many things that I am slightly obsessed with is quotes and poems , when I was younger from 11-18 - I used to buy notebooks and would write any quotes, poems and bits and pieces I found inspiration in them . I would also decorate them with stickers and use gel pens which I had a heap of to write the quotes down and make it pretty.

    8. Classic Movie Stars - The quote above brings me to my next favourite passion, which is classic movie stars. Amongst these is my favourite of Audrey Hepburn - I have a few of her movies on my computer , I have prints of her around my room including also James Dean and Marilyn Monroe but mainly Audrey Hepburn.

    9. Movies / TV Shows - Another passion of mine is Movies and TV Shows, as I am not a party animal - I love watching TV Shows to relax and take my mind off things. I love all types of movies but mainly a Chick Flick type of girl when it comes to the big screen but for TV Shows - I love my Crime Shows like Major Crimes, the NCIS's , Bones, Motive and Criminal Minds etc

    Last but not least , My Number #10 Passion in Life is :

    10. INFJ -
    I love learning new things and self-discovery, I am all about self-discovery so when I discovered the Myers Briggs test I took it and I came out as an INFJ. To my surprise this was one of the rarest personality types of the 16 MBTI's - though on the other hand , it doesn't surprise me that I fell in that category. For those who have been following the NZBloggers Challenge, will remember I did a quick piece on INFJ under the "Type" keyword a couple of weeks back.



1 comment:

Wellington Chic said...

Loved your Top 10 Passions post, really interesting things that rock your world.

I can completely relate to loving Book covers, I'm such a sucker for a great book cover and will just about always pick that over anything else.

Am frequently burnt then with a c*ap book sometimes or am pleasantly surprised by the odd boring cover is a fabulous book.

I tend to pick wine the same way...awesome label, it's coming home with me :-)

Glad I found your blog.

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