Monday, May 11, 2015

Living for Today as Tomorrow May Never Come

With the NZ Geek Chic Blog, I have decided to take part in what is a yearly excercise called #NZBloggers Greatness Challenge , where each week you have a different word in which you can create a single post about and this week's was the word "Tomorrow" .

Since, I am one of those geeky quote girls it seems that my last two posts have been centered around quotes and when I think of Tomorrow - it is a day that has yet to come . It's the future and a mystery as no-one can be certain to what it may hold.

That's why we must live in the present , we can hope for the future and to have an awesome day tomorrow . However, we need to learn to be flexible - this is one thing that I often have trouble with as I am the type of person who loves to plan ahead for everything . An example being that I have already booked accomodation and flights for the NZ Comic-Con/ Armageddon which is happening in Wellington from July 17th - 19th . That's two months away, yet everything is booked and paid for.  

One of my favourite quotes which is often seen on James Dean Posters is " Dream as you will live forever, Live as if you'll die today" with this quote there is no "TOMORROW" - it's all about living in the present and making sure you don't regret anything.

Today's post is in remembrance of my Mum :

This brings me to today's little post as seeing that Mother's Day has just passed , my mum passed away on the 29th December 2013 when she was 53 years old from multiple health problems and at the time I was in America on holiday. I got back 1/2 hour before the funeral which I am glad for. The thing is my story goes back to four years prior her death when my parents told us they were getting a DIVORCE.

I was so angry at my Mum as it was mainly her fault, that I stopped talking to her and became quite blunt and I discovered our whole relationship dynamic had changed as I felt betrayed and hurt from the whole ordeal. Over the next few years, that started to change but then I found she got really really sick and again due to her not being able to do alot of things - the relationship strained once again as she was moved to a rest home / care facility until the day she died.  One of the things I regret is not spending in those last few years more time with her and in my eyes being the oldest daughter I could have. 

I guess what I am trying to say readers, is that unfortunately we can never know when our time is up or when someone we love is going to pass away. So if you have a thought that you want to share with someone, have someone you want to talk to and say Hi or clear the air - then NOW is the time to do it - Don't put off till TOMORROW what you could and should have done TODAY.


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