Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spending the Night in the BatCave

Bonking Batman Room A Sell Out Success For Hotel

If you could design a themed hotel room, where would your inspiration lie? 

Would you go for a subtle country feel or would you take it a step further and create a superhero inspired room like the owners at Eden Motel in Taiwan.

Are you a loving fan of the Dark Knight? The Beloved Bruce Wayne otherwise known as DC comics’ Batman? What would you do if you could spend a night in the BatCave?

If ever you find yourself travelling to Taiwan, be sure to check out the Eden Motel where you can now book a Batman themed room to help you fulfill all those superhero fantasies. The Batman inspired motel room is kitted out with everything Batman related from a Batman double bed, dark BatCave styled walls with a painted view of Gotham City, a Batmobile seat in front of your bat mirror and never fear as if you want to make a call from the room—next to the bed is the infamous Bat-phone.

Bonking Batman Room A Sell Out Success For Hotel

Personally, I’ve never really wanted to travel over to the Asian countries but reading about the Eden Motel in Taiwan may very well be swaying my mind as  what self-confessed superhero geek like myself would turn down a motel room decked out in Batman mode. Definitely not a DC superhero lover like myself, that’s for sure.

Readers, do not despair as if this particular room is booked the motel have several other film-inspired rooms for moteliers to rent.

Others Room include:

1)      For all those obsessed fans of Brendan Fraser’s movie The Mummy, you can spend a night in the “Mummy” themed room decked out in all its Egyptian splendour.

2)      Wanting to escape reality or prefer a bit of Fifty Shades of Grey on the side? The Alcatraz room brings the famous San Francisco prison to life and included is a pair of handcuffs for the kinky.

3)      Prefer Aquaman over Batman? Then the Eden Motel has the room for you , as the room has been designed in Aquaman’s honor with gorgeous tanks of tropical fish and an under the sea theme.

4)      In love with the Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes? Currently being built is a London themed Sherlock Holmes room.

Thinking about this Batman and other film-inspired rooms, I think if I was to design my own motel room I would go the Superman route and have my shower as a phone booth, a writing desk in the far corner with The Daily Planet sign hanging above, and the bed draped with a Superman logo duvet cover.

This is one motel where dreams and fantasies really can come true. Next time when you are thinking about travelling overseas, why not mark down Taiwan as a place to visit and come book your vacation nights at the Eden Motel.

Bonking Batman Room A Sell Out Success For Hotel

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