Monday, April 20, 2015

Every Man Needs at Least One Suit.

Every man, no matter what they say needs at least one decent suit in his wardrobe. With this golden guide, it will help cast out those mismatched trousers and those hideous sports jackets you love so much.

1) The Suit must fit
: When trying on a suit, it must fit in all the right places. Unless you’re built like a model, an off-the-rack suit won’t fit your body shape perfectly. If you find one that fits but needs a little alteration work done, don’t be put off buying the suit. If you head down to your local tailor’s, it will cost around $40-$60 to have done but on the upside, you will be coming out with a handsome suit.

2) Choose natural fabrics:
When looking at the type of fabric the suit is, if your budget allows for it aim for 100 % wool as it’ll be perfect all year round. If you are on a tight budget, then polyester is cheaper but bewares as it doesn’t tend to wear well and it can keep smells.


3) Look after your suit and it shall last:
If you look after a suit, like most things you own it will last for a long-time. The suit jacket should be hung up on a thick, non-wire coat hanger in order to maintain its shape. Never wash your suit through the machine, always make sure that it is taken to the drycleaners. If your suit starts to have creases appearing, you can get rid of any creases by gently steaming it with an iron.


4) How to Pick the Perfect Jacket: When purchasing a suit jacket, aim for the two-button suits as they tend to work for everyone. For the skinner man, they give the body structure and for those slightly bigger guys, they tend to produce a slimming look. Though there are two buttons, the first button should be the only one buttoned up. The sleeves of the jackets, should sit about one centimetre above the shirt’s cuffs. If the jacket tends to hang off the shoulders, then it is too big. If the jacket gives a rippled look at the back, then it is too small.

5) How to finish your suit with a perfect pair of pants:
The fashion at the moment is all about the narrow pants. But in saying that, think fitted not skin-tight. And if you are to be wearing a belt, with your suit aim for a narrow belt as a bulky one tends to break the smooth lines of a great suit. When trying on the pants for size, they should sit at the top edge of your sole at the back and fall to the laces on your shoes. Showing socks is a definite fashion faux pas. To get the perfect fit, try on the suit with the shoes that you plan on wearing with it as if you try with sneakers, the fit will be completely wrong.

Happy Suit Shopping.

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