Monday, April 20, 2015

Easy Steps to Prepare for a Career Change

Easy steps to prepare for a career change

Making your move


Sick of your old job and wanting to do something different? Lost your job and now you're desperately seeking employment anywhere you can? Are you feeling scared, worried, even anxious about taking the giant step into the unknown world of change?
Changing careers can be a daunting task for anyone, however, despite that looming fear of change that might haunt us, it doesn’t have to be. With six simple steps, you will have prepared yourself for a smooth sail right into your next career choice.

Have in mind what you want

Think hard about what kind of career path you want to follow. Is the career going to make you happy? Are you passionate about the area? Is it an achievable goal, e.g. do you have the right qualifications for the job you want? For something fun and educational at the same time, a great test that you can take to find out what your work preferences are, what you are like as a person and what would suit you better as an individual is the MBTI. This test is used in many career interviews to check out your personality type. Head to Complete MBTI Test and take the test.

Explore your career options

What type of jobs are out there suited to your needs and how do we explore options for future careers? One of the best skills that anyone can have is the ability to network with others. As long as you can talk to strangers and interact like it was an everyday occurrence, networking will become like second nature. Take advantage of networking meetings and occasions and you might just meet your future employer or at least a friend of a friend who is hiring.

Get organised

An important component of any change is to work out your time schedule and allow yourself time to focus on topics like career searching, research, organising and attending network meetings. This gap time will put the focus on making your career move simple and less stressful. For example, if you have left work to become a writer, put aside chunks of time in your day to block out the world and just sit down and write. If you have a family, get them behind you as your support network. With more than yourself pushing you, you are more likely to achieve your goals and feel happier in the process.

Build your skills

While you have some spare time, why not head to your local TAFE or university and pick up a class or two. Depending on the career choice you have picked, there might be a course being held that will bring you up to scratch or help you build some skills you might be struggling with.

Get coached

Need help getting motivated and finding the next step in moving forth with your career change? Why not hire a career or life coach to give you that extra shove in the right direction. A coach will be there to help you and hold your hand with every step of the journey. Can’t afford a coach? Check out the book The Portable Coach by Thomas Leonard or The Winners Bible by Dr Kerry Spackman.

Take the giant leap

Whether it’s been a few weeks or a couple of months, or maybe even a year, once you are ready to move on to the career of your choice, take the leap and believe everything will turn out for the best. By now you would have thought about all the risks, pros and cons of where you want to be and the job will almost feel like a part of your life. Just remember, you are not alone in the world of career changes and the feelings that come with it. Everyone in the world has been in your shoes, at least once or twice.



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