Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome to NZ Geek Chic

Welcome to "NZ Geek Chic"

As those who know me , I have for the past seven years been writing for various online magazines and have a passion not for fashion but for the written word.
My other passion is books , which for the past three years I have been running a book review blogsite called The Phantom Paragrapher.
Recently, I decided I really wanted to get back into my writing and decided to start up a new blogsite called NZ Geek Chic which will contain articles I have written on all sorts of things - whatever seems to take my fancy at the time. 

NZ Geek Chic is all original written pieces that I have done over the years and from now on :)

So, readers of NZ Geek Chic ------ ENJOY :)


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