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Creative Ways to Produce Online Newsletters:

Creative Ways to Produce Online Newsletters:
Have you got a service that you want to promote to others? Have you a list of clients that you wish to update regularly with information about what is happening in the world of your business? Needing to come up with some creative ways to communicate with clients and prospective business partners? 

Online Newsletters are an easy yet fast, efficient and even better affordable way to reach out to your clientele. Gone are the days of having to type up newsletters, print them out and then one by one stuff them into envelopes and post out to members or prospective clients.

Creating and producing online newsletters in a fun, creative and attractive way has never been easier and below are a few sites that will help you put to work those creative communication skills and techniques into creatively producing your business’s online newsletter.

       1)      Webdesigner Depot- If you are interested in creating your own email newsletter from scratch and looking for a step-by-step tutorial then www.webdesignerdepot.com/.../a-guide-to-creating-email-newsletters gives you an easy and straightforward layout of what an email newsletter needs to contain. It deals with everything from beginning on how to get subscribers to using HTML or Plain text and the decisions on whether to purchase Email Newsletter software and which ones are the better and also if you are feeling a bit lost in the creative “How do I set it out” area, then Webdesigner has displayed a few different sites including Apple’s online newsletters as a prompt for inspiration bursts.

      2)      Letterpop www.letterpop.com is a fast and simple way to create your own online newsletter.  As their logo shouts it’s as easy as Create, Publish and Share.  The site allows you to put your creator mind to work by picking one of their dozens of templates , then choosing the format of the newsletter e.g. do you want a two column or three columns newsletter , any photos – if so how many ? It also offers if you are uploading photos to drag and drop into the picture frames on your newsletter template. Once you have created your newsletter to reflect your business you can distribute your newsletter through either email, Facebook, twitter or an RSS Feed which is where your knowledge of Social Media use will need to be taken in mind. What stood out in Letterpop was that the pricing is really affordable depending on how many newsletters you wish to send a year from the basic package of $4.95 a month with 10 newsletters sent to 250 contacts all the way up to $39.00 a year which sends 365 newsletters to 1,825,000 emails. 

       3)      How to Make Online Newsletters using CMS and DreamweaverIf you are a visual and audio person and learn more via watching a video tutorial online rather than reading it as I do and the Webdesigner Depot site stumps you, then offered on YouTube is a list of different tutorials on how to creatively make an email newsletter using a variety of different methods and programmes including CMS which I use for SheKnows to type in the articles. Steve Kim has created a number of different internet tutorials and can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ2R...1 or www.youtube.com/watch?v...autopla
      4)      Paper.li Is there a topic that you feel passionate about? Something that you want to share with your friends and the world? One of my favourite sites is called Paper.li – www.paper.li/ where you can start your very own online newspaper. You can use all your favourite sites and social media outlets to gather news that you wish to share. One of the newspapers I belong to is called “The Everything Austen” which brings everyday the bits and bobs from all around the internet that is published on Jane Austen. If you wish to add your own business content, you can also purchase the Paper.li Pro package for $9 a month which allows you to add your own company’s touch and email service to the newspaper.

       5)      Prosepoint Express Newspaper CMS Prosepoint Express is a newspaper and magazine CMS (content management system) which allows you to publish news-based websites. All with just a click of the button you can find yourself uploading stories, editing stories and organising them into different channels. For those starting out the site offers a great How-to tutorial and has a showcase of wonderful sites using Prosepoint and for only $19 a month, you can have for your business a 200page newspaper and more importantly your newspaper will be able to pick up through Google Analytics and Google AdSense. For a low price for an awesome quality and even better at $19 a month included is Technical support in case you get stuck.  For more information if you are interested in hopping aboard the Prosepoint Express head to www.prosepoint.net/

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